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Blame everyone ELSE for the rising cost of health care

This really bugs me. Blame everyone else for the rising cost of health care. Dang it. From MadCityMan at Blogging Blue:
Given the report today from Drew Altman, the President and CEO of the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation that projects family insurance premiums at $24,180 by 2019, an increase of over $10,000 from the current $13,375, it is clear that comprehensive health care reform including a public option needs to be part of the health care bill. If the insurance companies keep the public option out of play, then I would suggest a hefty excessive wage tax on all insurance company employees earning over $250,000 to pay for the extra premiums that their greed and shortsightedness will create for businesses and individual insurance purchasers alike.
Blame everyone else, don’t do a darn thing about utilitization and transparency, personal responsibility and individual consumer choice, and then of course, get the “rich” to pay for that magical public option! Geez.

How about this from Michael Rosen, wading through all the hyperbolic whining we’re used to, blaming “the lack of universal health insurance” for every possible American malady (unhelpful oft-repeated anecdotal claims), and then the grand conclusion:
President Obama and the United States Congress need to enact healthcare reform that includes a public option so that health care costs are reduced and all Americans are insured.
Magic. Makes complete sense doesn’t it? The President waves his magic wand over the country and 17% of our GDP and poof – costs are reduced. Damn it. It does not happen that way. Makes me so mad. Frustrated too. Nuts.

Jo Egelhoff,